Convert your favorite blog to a Kindle Ebook

Blog2Ebook is a tiny app that takes a blog (via RSS feed) and converts it to a Kindle Ebook. (it currently only supports the Kindle ebooks.)

Before your kindle account will accept eBooks from this app make sure to follow the setup instructions.

This app relies on free resources, so currently it can only be used a limited number of times a day. There are 80 uses remaining today.

Convert URL (RSS or Article)
to Kindle Book

Content to Book

Kindle Ebook Content Preview

Blog2Ebook supports importing from a few different formats to make a Kindle book:

  • RSS feed to Kindle (Great for sending blogs to read later)
  • Single post to Kindle (useful because some https sites no longer allow bookmarklets)
  • PDF files emailed to kindle, just paste the PDF link in the url
  • ePub files emailed to kindle, just paste the ePub link in the url
  • Copied article text to Kindle